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Since 1996, C.A.R.E. Ltd. have worked on a range of practical projects in thermal biomass and wastes conversion in conjunction with studies, technology reviews and assessments. These are listed as completed and ongoing contracts below. For some contracts, final reports or papers are available - please click the active link to download.

Some of projects listed below will shortly be profiled on a the project profile page.

Completed contracts:

  • Chemical and process design of an integrated liquids collection system for a 6 t/d fast pyrolysis plant.
  • Review of tenders for the provision of a slow pyrolysis technologies for charcoal production and power in southern Africa.
  • Technical due diligence of a multiple waste pyrolysis and gasification process. Mass and energy balance assessment, emissions compliance and modelling of waste pyrolysis and gasification of feedstock.
  • Contribute technical expertise on gasification and process measurement to an EU funded project [FP7-SME-2010-1-261911- Gas-Pro-Bio-Waste].
  • Production of liquids transportation fuels from biomass and waste derived fast pyrolysis liquids [Carbon Trust funded project – "The Pyrolysis Challenge"].  Design, build and commission of 2 laboratory fluid bed fast pyrolysis reactors.
  • Technical assessment of 3 gasification technologies for conversion of solid recovered fuels/refuse derived fuels to power by SI engines.
  • Design, specification and re-commissioning of laboratory 5-7 kg/h fluid fast pyrolysis rig.
  • Bio-energy assessment model- IEA Bio-Energy Systems Activity.
  • Design study of a 1 t/h integrated advanced fast pyrolysis process for the production of liquids.
  • Provision of catalysts and technical advice on upgrading of pyrolysis products [vapour and liquid phase upgrading].
  • Potential for utilisation of natural gas in biomass gasification and pyrolysis systems for power generation.
  • Small scale biomass [<100 kWe] gasification gas clean up - a critical review and chemistry of gasification.
  • Determination of norms and standards for biomass-derived pyrolysis liquids [EC funded contract number 4.1030/C/00-015/2000].
  • Re-design of a small-scale [<100 kWe] downdraft gasifier and gas cleaning system, [achieved <12 ppm "organics" in the raw gas as independently tested].
  • Initial evaluation of gasification technologies for sewage sludge and related wastes for CHP application.
  • Continuing work on biomass gasifier operation and re-design - health and safety, compliance with IPPC, gasifier operation, feedstock procurement and testing, gas quality assessment for a 140kWe spark ignition engine.
  • Transport, storage and handling of biomass-derived pyrolysis liquids - a guide.
  • Expert evaluation to the European Commission DG XII.
  • Techno-economics of production costs of biomass derived fast pyrolysis liquids and subsequent power production using a dual fuel diesel engine [EC funded contract JOR3-CT97-0197].
  • Techno-economics of production of slow release organic fertilisers from biomass pyrolysis products [EC funded contract FAIR6-CT98-4042].
  • Cost and operational acceptability improvements to gasifiers. [DTI supported contract ref. B/U1/00677/00/00].
  • Evaluation of bio-diesel production technology for power generation from esterified beef tallow.
  • World-wide survey assistance for coal fired heat and power plants < 300 MWth, < 100 MWe.
  • Technical assistance on the operation of an downdraft gasifier with a Capstone C-330 micro turbine. Techno-economic assessment of gasifier + micro-turbine systems to 250 kWe [DTI supported contract B/U1/00762].
  • Market assessment of wood fuel in the UK and Ireland for use as fuel in gasification systems.
  • Assessment of emissions from a 50 kg/h leather waste gasifier. Recommendations on gas cleaning operations for IPPC and WID compliance
  • Assessment of legislation [IPPC, LCP and WID] relating to tyre pyrolysis.
  • Expert evaluation services to the European Commission, DG XII.
  • Technical and engineering design of a 300 kWe [gross] downdraft gasifier and gas conditioning system for combined heat and power generation on a farm in North West England. Now operational and exporting power to the grid under the Renewable Obligation Order (2002) [DTI supported contract B/TI/00800/00/00].
  • Business planning, market analysis and size, strategy advice and assessment of pyrolysis and gasification technologies in the UK and EU.
  • Ongoing technical advice on gasifier design, economic appraisal and due diligence to companies.
  • Techno-economics of retrofitting combustion systems with novel gas cleaning technologies [EU funded contract ENK5-CT2001-00523].
  • Toxicity of biomass derived pyrolysis liquids [EC funded project NNE5 -2001-00744-BIOTOX].
  • Testing of a range of biomass fuels in an 80kWe test gasifier [DTI supported contract B/W3/00806/00/00].
  • Techno-economics of production of renewable resin from biomass derived pyrolysis liquids [EC funded project QLK5-CT2002-RENURESIN].
  • Commissioning and operation of a 300 kg/h slow pyrolysis plant for char products and power generation in Australia. Assessment of process performance and scale-up to 4 t/h of dry feed material.
  • Process flowsheeting for a biomass fast pyrolysis - technology options on process integration and system flexibility.
  • World-wide survey of commercial pyrolysis processes for production of gas for use in engines and turbines.
  • Independent assessor to the UK DTI Technology Programme [Low Carbon Energy Technologies].
  • Design of plant components for gas cleaning in biomass and wastes gasification and pyrolysis.
  • Feedstock assessment for use as a gasification feedstock. Technical assessment of physical upgrading options coupled to overall techno-economic feasibility.
  • Chemical and process design of a 300 kg/h advanced integrated biomass fast pyrolysis plant for the production of liquids for power generation in a dual fuel diesel engine.  Full mass and energy balances for the process and assistance in plant operation. [project on hold]
  • Techno-economics of biochar and power production in the UK: scenario assessment for various biochar and power outputs at 5 t/h dry biomass input.
  • High temperature pyrolysis [600-800°C] of a high ash material for syngas production.
  • Technical review of a UK waste pyrolysis technology.
  • UK ROCs changes and impact on bio-energy deployment in the UK, biomass supply and costs in the UK.
  • Cost benefit analysis of thermal conversion options for encroachment bush in Namibia - heat, power, chemicals and char production costs.

Ongoing contracts:

  • Expert evaluation services to the European Commission.
  • Chemical and process design of a 50 kg/h charcoal production unit for delivery to USA with subsequent commissioning and operation.
  • Technical advice and project management of waste conversion to power by high temperature pyrolysis at > 10 MWe.
  • Technical support on small-scale high temperature pyrolysis of organic waste materials for waste minimisation, emissions compliance; mass and energy balance; sourcing of commercial pyrolysis technologies and material testing.
  • Production of liquids transportation fuels from biomass and waste derived fast pyrolysis liquids [Carbon Trust funded project – "The Pyrolysis Challenge"].

These services have been provided to: international water and gas utilities, international energy agencies, private limited companies, private engineering companies, international accountancy firms and universities in the UK, the rest of the European Union, Australia, USA, Canada, Namibia, South Africa, India and New Zealand.


C.A.R.E. Ltd. can offer a wide range of services in the area of thermal biomass conversion based upon our significant experience and ongoing in the implementation of projects.

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